Escambia County Courthouse

Pensacola, Florida | Build 1885

Originally built as the United States Customs House and Post Office in 1880, the Escambia County Courthouse also originally housed the Federal Court system. As the city of Pensacola grew in the 1930’s a bargain was made between the local and federal governments and the federally owned building became property of Escambia County. After a renovation the Escambia County Court system became the new tenant of the historic building and has resided there ever since.

Lathan's Contributions:
The most difficult task that Lathan faced was replacing the slate roof and decorative elements with an exact match to that of the original building. Along with the carved Indiana limestone Cannon Dormers and other decorative features, the slates were removed in the 1920s following several hurricanes and were replaced with conventional asphalt shingles or asbestos cement roofs. Because there were no color pictures at the time and there was no written documentation, the problem fell on Lathan to deduce which color slate was originally used on the roof.

Lathan successfully determined that the original was green Vermont slate. The color and matching quarry were found by recovering small chips of broken slates from the underground pipe drainage. After laboratory testing to determine the exact origination of the slate, Lathan was able to acquire new slates which matched the original construction. Lathan also restored the Cannon Dormers and window dormers, which had also been removed, in authentic Indiana limestone carved to match the original features which were discovered in the antique photographs. This restoration restored the decorative spires, phenials, and cast iron railings to the roof line as well as the beautiful Cannon Dormers, limestone window dormers, and chimneys.


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