The Grand Hotel

Point Clear, Alabama | Built 1849

The Grand Hotel opened on the beautiful eastern shore of Mobile Bay in 1849. This five star resort has been a favorite of Southerners for over 150 years. The original hotel was used as a hospital for Confederate soldiers injured in the American Civil war in the 1860’s. That structure burned in the 1870’s and the current main hotel was built in 1880.

Lathan's Contributions:
The Lathan Company was retained to replace all of the roofs on the six main structures and to partially restore the hotel’s exterior from 1996 to 1999. Lathan restored the board and batten siding, along with window restoration and an exterior paint job on the oldest building, which houses reception, dining, and the oldest block of guest rooms.

The Lathan Company was also retained to remove and replace the clay tile system on the North Bay house, South Bay house, pool house and the Lakewood Country Club clubhouse. In 1999-2000 when the new Pool & Spa building was constructed, Lathan was brought back to install the new roof system so that all facilities at this 5 star hotel have Lathan Company roofs protecting them.


Client Testimonials

“Our people work as a very enthusiastic, hardworking team. Our supervisors average 26 years experience in the construction industry - experience that shows with each completed project.”

- Jerry Lathan, President and Founder



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