New Orleans Lakefront Airport

Sushan Terminal, New Orleans, Louisiana | Built 1934
The Shushan Airport Terminal opened on New Orleans’ north shore Lakefront Airport in 1934. The Weiss, Dreyfus & Seiferth designed building featured the art deco style of the early 20th century. Prominent features of the building’s exterior are the carved and cast stone decorative elements which depict historical images of man’s quest for flight. This celebration of the dawn of commercial aviation is one of the most prominent displays of the artwork of famed New Orleans artist, Enrique Alferez. In the name of “modernization” the beautiful art deco finish and carved features were badly damaged by a renovation in 1964. The extensive damage to the building’s historical exterior was covered by a “modern” white stucco finish.

This landmark building has been featured as one of the film sites for the Academy Award winning motion picture “Ray,” and is currently hosting the filming of the Warner Brothers’ feature film “Green Lantern.”

Lathan's Contributions:
Following Hurricane Katrina, The Lathan Company has been retained to restore the beautiful art deco finishes, decorative stone work and castings to their original finish.  The architectural landmark will require all of the skills of expert masons and artists to carefully repair, restore and patch the damage while retaining as much as 90% of the original exterior finishes.


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