Pontalba Apartments

Jackson Square, French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana | Built 1836

Built by Micaela Almonester, Baroness de Pontalba, the Pontalba Apartments were commissioned in order to surround Jackson Square and give it a resemblance of the great public squares of Europe in the 1840’s. The Apartments are referred to as Upper and Lower Pontalba and received these names by reference to the directional flow of the Mississippi River. The Upper Pontalba Apartments are known to be the oldest continuously occupied multi-family apartments in the United States.

Lathan's Contributions:
In 2006, The Lathan Company completed the restoration of the iron railings, galleries, slate roofs and copper roofs. Extra care was taken to ensure the new slates matched the original slates in their original construction size and precise color. The flat lock copper seem roofing was restored to its original splendor. Lathan’s efforts in maintaining the historical integrity of the structure enabled the historic continuity of Jackson Square to remain in place. With Lathan’s expertise and high quality workmanship, this historic and beautiful apartment building is ready to serve residents for another hundred years.



Client Testimonials

“Our people work as a very enthusiastic, hardworking team. Our supervisors average 26 years experience in the construction industry - experience that shows with each completed project.”

- Jerry Lathan, President and Founder



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